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Feature of Galvaluming production line

Posted on June 28th, 2017 in Technical Knowledge

1-The configuration of strip steel chemical cleaning/high efficient electrolytic cleaning and optional spray dip combined with cleaning mode, and unique electrolytic cleaning lead shot mixing technology, obtain higher current efficiency and avoid the strip out of the slot for the second time stained with oil pollution, directional surface relief ensure electrolyte level rarely detonating gas bubble, the system uses the high safety.


2-The combination technology of non-oxidation (NOF) and radiant tube heating (RTH) is fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, double cross limiting empty burning ratio control, more precise, selection of special composite refractories, can significantly improve the thermal insulation effect of the high temperature zone and the service life.


3-The annealing reduced cooling strip with protective gas circulating jet cooling, frequency control of motor speed, the high pressure jet, strip cooling fast and uniform, accurate control of the strip into the zinc pot temperature.


4-The tension leveling machine and the light machine can improve the surface quality and the shape quality of the finished product, and improve the coating performance and cold mechanical property of the product.


5-The flue gas waste heat recovery technology, through the flue gas-water for heat/steam waste heat boiler to recover low temperature waste heat of the flue gas, supplying a cleaning liquid heating section and improve the utilization rate of heat energy, reduces the energy consumption.


6-The jet type ceramic induction heating zinc pot, with the feature fast heating, use of long life and residue less, etc., in furnace configurations for wet nitrogen and zinc circulation pump device can significantly improve the strip surface precision, especially suitable for home appliance coating substrate quality requirements.


7-The thickness of the coating can be monitored by using the coating thickness gauge, and the actual thickness of the coating can be monitored, and adjust the precision of the gas knife.


8-Use with fast switching device for resistance fingerprint coating machine, effective optimization of process equipment layout, the strip surface can obtain precise organic or composite coating.