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Feature of Pre-painted production line

Posted on June 28th, 2017 in Technical Knowledge

1-Advanced continuous roll coating process, double-sided baking coating, and technology is mature and reliable.


2-Pretreatment with continuous alkali circulating spray and brushing,multi-stage circulating water spray and fresh water spray, to enhance the cleaning the strip surface to ensure paint adhesion.


3-Advanced environmental friendly processing liquid, with the high accuracy coating machine, guarantee the coating performance and quality.


4-The coating machine equipped with a pressure sensor precisely display the roller pressure, It can do the coating operation forward and backward way, precise control the coating thickness to 1 micron, in order to adapt to various product needs.


5-Coating curing oven with thermal insulation effect good multilayer labyrinth structure, equipped with VOC incineration and perfect and fine heat recovery utilization device with national emission standard.


6-The control system adopts vector motor variable frequency speed regulation, real time parameter monitoring technology and other computer control system, and the equipment runs safely and stably.


7-Introduced intelligent production and energy management system and configuration multiple fine adjustment energy saving production control technology and equipment.